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oggetti d'arte venezia

Artistic objects

Az Vetri is a glass shop in Venice that has been performing glassworks for several years, pots, glasses and art objects. Glass processing is an ancient art in the Serenissima since 982, the year when the first historical testimonies are found and the first official documents related to the processing of this material.

Az Vetri is a glass shop in Venice that can boast extensive experience in the field of glass processing. We have an old furnace and can reach high temperatures allowing any type of glass processing. In the 14th century, glass firing ovens consisted of three floors. The first floor was used for the heating phase, the second floor for the melting phase and the third was finally needed to slowly cool the works.

The raw material consists of siliceous sand, which Venetians obtained from the sand or the river cobblestones. Today's furnaces are instead gasy and there is great attention in choosing the glass and its composition.

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